How to pick the right protein

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To develop solid muscle, you need to train hard and eat right. If an athlete’s body is neglected of protein muscle mass will suffer. An athlete will need One and a half to two grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight daily. Most of this dose should consist of complete proteins of meat products, cottage cheese, cheese and protein powder. The best source of quality protein is protein powder.

Cottage cheese, meat, eggs, cheese, fish and poultry – are also helpful, but they have their own nuances. Meat is hard to digest; after a hard workout – when the body needs to recover reserves of ATP and oxygen, the meat will only hinder this. Eggs are digested more easily, but they include very few pure protein; average egg comprises not more than 6 grams of protein. That is, the average lifter (70 – 75 kg) must eat about 26 – 28 eggs per day. Continuous heavy load on these organs will necessarily lead to negative consequences – from kidney failure to cirrhosis. This is where protein powder comes in.

Is protein powder harmful?

Some believe that protein powder is a reason for failure of the kidneys and liver. Such opinions have merit, but only when someone abuses the recommended dosages or buys an inferior product. A good quality powder contains all the components required for the restoration of ATP and whipping process of anabolism.  When an athlete consumes large doses of protein for a long time, it can cause discomfort in the kidneys & liver and negatively affect the entire gastrointestinal tract. You do not need to consume more than 40 g protein per day. Also you do not need to consume more than the daily recommended dose of protein.

Protein powders can be used at all ages and for all individuals. 

Protein powders are recommended not only to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, but also to all athletes, no matter what sport they do. These products contain natural proteins, minerals, vitamins and amino acids necessary for the maintenance of all functions of the human body, leading an active lifestyle. Consume protein supplements together with natural food. 

Athletes who are interested in the growth of muscle mass and an increase in physical strength should consider a combination of powder and natural sources of protein – meat, fish, eggs and poultry. The athlete should not neglect carbohydrates and to a much lesser extent fat. A proper nutritious diet consists of meat, protein and a small dose of fat. It is guaranteed to help any athlete to achieve high performance. Athletes who aim to build solid muscle mass and develop phenomenal physical strength, need to consume higher doses of protein. If an ordinary person needs 1 – 1.5 grams per kilo to maintain the health and wellbeing, an athlete should be having at least 2 – 2.5 g per kilo.

A day after a hard training athlete should increase the daily dose of protein – to consume one and a half times more protein than usual, and stick with it for two days. Exactly one day after a workout – because during this period the body starts all the processes related to the anabolism. To these processes took place smoothly and without interference, it is necessary immediately after a workout to take a portion of carbohydrate foods. A subsequent day athlete must consume twice more carbohydrates. Moreover, ¾ of these carbohydrates should be complex.

During training on the relief athlete should consume a protein shake immediately after the workout. Training in the average number of sets and reps tire body, so it needs the components that contribute to the early restoration of the supply of oxygen and ATP; Reception protein immediately after exercise will only hinder this. “Pampingovy” less gentle training; so you can drink a protein shake immediately after the workout. It is also recommended during the “drying” to drink protein before exercise (note to dry to me men and women).

Protein shake for weight loss … Philistines, hearing something like that surprised. Indeed, as you can lose weight by consuming protein, through which a person, on the contrary, is gaining muscle mass … It turns out you can. The main thing – to adhere to the correct way of life, diet and consume quality products. Moreover, the quality must be not only protein, but mostly all food consumed by the individual.

In this case the protein must not dominate. Doses of carbohydrates and fats should be reduced. But to reduce the dose of protein is needed. One and a half grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight – daily rate for all cases. In many cases, the cause of weight gain – is not that a person eats sweets, but the fact that it consumes a lot of them and all day. So, in the evening when the gastrointestinal tract is set to rest, he has to digest all the “junk” food, previously digested and absorb the newly reported. In the evening, the best once again to drink a protein shake and eat fruit.